Monday, January 10, 2011

Chasing Elephants

I had the opportunity to read "Chasing Elephants, Wrestling With The Gray Areas Of Life," by Brent Crowe courtesy of Navpress Publishers as part of their blogger review program. The opinions express are my own in accordance with the FTC guidlines. This book pleasantly suprised me overall, however, the first 4 chapters of the book were a bit slow. The first several chapters were to help one better understand how and why the "questions to deal with the gray areas" came about. I personally think that these could have been omitted and the book would have had the same relevance as with them. Chapter 5 included the "list of questions" that would later help form your own opinion about the "gray areas". This is a comprehensive list with questions like:"will this decision addict or enslave," "is this decision made in the attitude of Christ," and "will this decision have a positive spiritual impact on self." The next chapters were the addressed areas-such as 1. Homosexuality 2.The Cyber World 3. Social Drinking 4. Entertainment and 5. Humanitarian Efforts.
Brent Crowe addressed each of theses touchy subjects with grace and knowledge that made me "like him." I didn't agree with all of his ideas but I did find that my views were a bit changed on ideas once previously thought, due to asking myself the listed questions and how they relate to these areas. This book is great for someone who wants to formulate their own opinions from a biblical basis rather than believe stricly based on what their church or parents may believe.
Great book Mr. Crowe-I look forward to your gracious and humble writing in the future!

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